Your Project With Ankr
$10 million in grants for developers and node operators to build on Ankr Protocol
Ankr Grant Funding Opportunities
Distributed over two years, the $10 million grant will be used to fund multiple tiers that appeal to a wide range of Web 3.0 users including:
Those who create in-depth developer tutorials and educational materials
Smart contracts developers
Small projects that need access to Ankr’s advanced protocol features
Independent node operators wanting to become a part of Ankr’s network
Our Ecosystem
Our partners benefit from the incredibly scalable solutions we provide for DeFi developers and users to keep up with an industry undergoing exponential growth.
Additional Grant Benefits
Supportive community for help with technical issues
Connection to our knowledgeable team with years of experience in blockchain & DeFi
Access to an expansive set of developer tools
Sacramento Kings Partnership
Driven By Our DAO
We’ve partnered with the Sacramento Kings to provide educational opportunities to a growing set of new blockchain users. The Kings were named the most innovative company in sports by Fast Company and even host a Bitcoin mining project in their sports center! That’s exactly why we’ve partnered with them to create new learning and funding opportunities for promising new projects and developers.
The Ankr Protocol will be governed by The Ankr DAO. Although the foundation behind Ankr DAO will be built by the core team, the entire Ankr community will be incentivized to contribute to the development and governance of the protocol. This will ensure that Ankr stakeholders will be empowered to contribute to the direction of new products and services provided by Ankr. That includes how grant funding will be used to best serve the Ankr community!
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